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Parenting is not related to upbringing of child only but an effective tool to raise a  physically, emotionally, socially, and intellectually happy adult.

This Certification course is for YOU

Teachers, Edu Leaders, educators, Counselors, coaches, Parents, Trainers, Psychologist, HR professionals

anyone who wants to establish themselves as parents coach or willing to set strong connection with client 

About the course

This is an exclusive & comprehensive course designed by veteran team of psychologists, and neuro science experts under the umbrella of Skilliv Academy. We are more focused to make you an expert about the concepts, tricks & techniques and tools of effective and happy parenting. 


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Course Fees- Rs. 8000/- 

Early Bird Price- Rs. 5000/- till 22nd Nov.


book your seat for Upcoming Batch (25th Nov. to 9th Dec.) 

Highlights of course

15 Days 2hrs live session based on fully interaction


Conceptual learning & understanding with worksheets and case studies based of Science and Psychology


Counselling's tricks & techniques and process of counselling


Establish your brand as Parents' Coach 


Colored Brain technique to communicate and counseling


Certificate & Study meterial will be dispatched at your home


You Will Learn...

About Parents

 1. Parenting style

2. Parents Psychology

3. Level of Parenting

4.  Kind of Parenting

5. Parents' Counselling

6. 5rules & 7 tools of parenting

7. Profiling of pareting 

About Children

1. Child Psychology

2. child &Adolescent's issues

3. Growth & Development

 (Infant to Adult)

4. Genetic & Psychological issues

5. Counselling pattern

6. child issues

About Brain

1. Brain design

2. Brain Function

3. Brain issues/  remedies

4. Brain psychology

5. Part of Brain

Genetic & Psychology

1. Genetic behavioral issues

2. Psychological behavioral issues

3. Behavior formation & Transformation

4. Psychological growth of child

5. Psychological issues with children 

6. Psychological pattern of parents

7. Genetic brain & skills

8. Genetic impact  

About Counseling

1. Pattern of counseling

2. Application of counselling with different situation

3. Process of counseling

4.Tricks & Techniques 

    of counseling

About Your Brand

1. How to establish yourself as Parents' Coach

2. How to make your brand

3. Content Designing 

4. How to set your branding stretagy 

How You Will Learn...

1. Online live interaction

2. Worksheets

3. Case studies

4. Analytical discussion

5. Group discussion

6. Q&A Pattern

Purpose of this course is to make your more capable to set perfect bridge between reason of problem and solution


Contact Us at 7248244448 for any query

E-mail us -

Course Fees- Rs. 8000/- 

Early Bird Price- Rs. 5000/- till 22nd Nov.



book your seat for Upcoming Batch (25th Nov. to 9th Dec.) 

This includes bonuses worth Rs. 4999/-

1. 1hrs Exclusive one-to-one session after completion of the course (worth Rs. 1999/-)

2. Brand kit to enhance your social media brand (worth Rs. 1500/-)

3. 3 E-Books + Worksheets (worth Rs. 1500/-)


Contact Us at 7248244448 for any query

E-mail us -

Course Fees- Rs. 8000/- 

Early Bird Price- Rs. 5000/- till 22nd Nov.


 book your seat for Upcoming Batch (25th Nov. to 9th Dec.) 

 About Trainer 


 Nidhi Bhakuni is a certified parenting and career coach, Director of skilliv academy and entrepreneurs world. she is an internationally certified coloured brain communication psychology trainer. she helps people to know how to do upbringing of children positively and how to help children to develop their own skills and personality traits. she helps students to select their career path and overseas education too. she has done skills assessment of more than 4000 students and helped out more than 1000 parents. she is a motivational speaker and writer/blogger, staunch to women empowerment. 

To know more about her, visit -

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